Girlish Bedroom - A Guide to Convert Your Average Room into a Fairy Room

Every girl wants to have a beautifully decorated room having pink walls, feathery pillows, soft mattress and stylish dressing table. This is a common observation that girls want their looks and their bedroom- very stylish one. On the other hand, boys are not so much conscious, they are considered to be a rough and tough one. They don’t mind, if their rooms are average one, wires are on the floor and clothes are out of cupboard having doors open. Isn’t it the case? Yes! It is. But girls want everything in place. They are, no doubt, well managed and sophisticated creatures. This article is worth reading for those girls who want their room look dandy and stylish, but in a limited budget. 

Bedrooms might be of any style, size and looks. It depends on you and your tastes that how do you want your bedroom to look like! You don’t need a designer to hire to decorate your room. It’s really a simple and interesting task that you might love to perform. You will feel good to read that it’s totally a myth that decorating a room needs certain skills and principles. This means you can make your room awesome by the ways you like. Your room is actually mirror of your personality. Beautifully decorated rooms have a great impact on your mind and mood.
Don’t forget this point that designing a bedroom is not just having good carpets or curtains and having some updated bed. No, this is not the case. You have to consider everything i.e. from the rugs to the dressing table and from the walls to the windows. This article contains very amazing ideas for creating a girlish bedroom. But before going to that section we want to clear some most prevailing myths about designing and decoration of room.
Myth 1: Paint Your Ceiling White: It’s a common trend of thinking that a ceiling in white color seems larger and wider. No! This is not the case. You must have a multi tone ceiling; this look attractive and captivating. 
Myth 2: Follow design rules: If you are running after designers to design and decorate your room, then stop a while and think please that is this your room or designer’s room? Surely it’s your room, so you have better idea about the arrangements and creativity of your room. Think all the ways through which your bedroom could turn into amazing one
Myth 3: No dark color: This is the most prevailing concept that dark colors are sign of depression and blue moods. It’s a research based fact that those rooms which have one or two walls in dark tone are more captivating and stylish than the traditional rooms having light themes.

3 Steps to convert your room into a girlish room

1.      Think about the theme: Paint your wall color pink. There are varieties of shades in pink color. You can choose what you like. Well it is suggested to have a contrast of red and light pink theme on walls. It will look amazing! 
2.      Furniture and bedding: You will have to buy very light weight and cute furniture; mainly aluminum furniture for your room. Keep furniture less in amount. Kick out all devices like computer and wires out from your room. Your bed must be of soft and comfortable mattress. Use a feather mattress topper. Always have light tone  like baby pink and bubble pink bed sheets

3.      Have accessories of a fairy:  Now place some fairy bedroom accessories like silk floor cushions, wall hangings like cute hanging photos of you and your family, soft feathery rugs and stuffed toys i.e. cute big bears. Always place lamps by the side of your bed.  You can also use candles to decorate your room

These amazing and easy 3 steps will change the looks of your room totally. Follow these easy steps and enjoy your fairy room!


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