Going to buy a foam mattress- some facts you must know

Have you ever read about memory mattress? Have you ever done a comparison between different types of mattresses? Have you ever thought of such mattress which is best from medical point of view? Have you ever got confusion while buying a mattress because there is a great variety of mattresses and foam having different brand names in market? If you are thinking to have a new mattress for your bed and you can’t decide well, then relax down and read this article - from Justgosleep.com. You will surely get a lot of information about mattresses in this one.
Memory foam mattress

You might be surprised by this fact that spring mattress causes many joint and back pains in your body. The only reason is the rates, that spring mattresses are still active in markets. You might often find a great discount in spring mattresses by different companies. Spring mattresses should be banned from markets, speaking from medical point of view. They are great source of different pains and joint sores, no doubt!

What should you buy?
For those people who have joint sores and back pain, a memory foam topper is the choice in the bedroom. These mattresses are manufactured in such a way that your body weight is distributed evenly throughout the mattress. Moreover, it has heat absorption technology, so it alleviates the inflammation of your sore joint, different aches and muscular pains. If your partner turns and moves a lot while sleep and your sleep disrupts, the memory foam mattress will prevent you from being disturbed as well. Due to such unique cell structure of memory foam, it is the best choice for both bedding and seating situations.
 Memory foam has the highest rate of customer’s satisfaction i.e. around 75%. This high rate of satisfaction in due to the fact that memory foams are far better than spring mattresses. There is some comparison and discussion about spring mattresses and gel memory foam mattress topper next. You can get the pros and cons of both types of mattresses here at once.

1.      Spring mattress

  • Spring mattresses are cheap and economical. You can have spring mattress 30% less in rate than the memory mattress. So they are easily affordable
  • Spring mattress are durable to some extent
  • They are light weight
  • You can see a great variety and easy availability in markets

Benefits of memory foam mattree2.     Memory foam mattress

  • Prevents back pains and sore joints.
  • They are durable and firm in nature
  • Best from medical point of view
  • They are resistant to motion transfer
  • These mattresses have highest rate of customer’s satisfaction.
  • Absorbs heat of the body and gives a calm and good sleep.

1.      Spring mattress
  •  These mattresses are most disliked one by medical point of view
  • Gain least customer satisfaction
  •  Increases back pain and sore joints
  • They are hyper allergic in nature.
  • They can be a home for dust mites
2.      Memory foam mattress:
  •  These mattresses are least economical. They have high prices and are no doubt very expensive.
So from above discussion you might observe that memory foams are far better than the spring mattress. Though they are expensive but are best from medical point. You must never pay your health for few dollars. Buy the best and have healthy life!


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